Are you a driven woman that is looking to unlock more sensuality and joy in your life? On the outside you might have it all, but on the inside it feels a bit ‘empty’.

I'm passionate about guiding you to FLIP YOUR SWITCH, the switch that turns you on to your own life. The journey that makes you feel ALIGNED and full of ALIVENESS. In other words, a journey where you are successful and overflowing with sensuality at the same time.

Because frankly, success means nothing if we can’t enjoy it.

If you hunger to feel more alive in any aspect of your life you are at the right place. When you find your way to activate the woman you are really meant to be you will start to ignite and reconnect to your sparks. Life will become more joyful and meaningful. More flow, less forcefully working for getting what you want. Once you've flipped your switch – you are navigating from a place where you merge a sensuality and success with ease. It's where you make magic in your private life as well as in your professional life. This is your HOME. 

As a Coach & Female Embodiment Teacher I've channeled my personal path back to a beautiful and vibrant life, my experience with trauma and grief, my transformation into happiness and my various studies into a way of coaching designed to reveal your best self in your private as well as in your professional life. It's my mission is to help you find your way back to life — the way it’s supposed to be.

You can work with me through Individual coaching, Couples coaching or by booking me for events or speaking gigs



Do you have that itch? You are fortunate to have most of the things you’ve dreamt of, but still there’s a feeling of... unfulfillment. If you are ready to make the leap towards a life where you have control over your own happiness and situation – let's dive in together...



If you are in the fog of grief and trauma, believe me when I say that you will sparkle, you will feel joy and you will smile from that deep place within again. If you are in midst of grief right now, or have an old grief that you can’t get over, this program is for you.



Do you desire to be a vibrating woman of worth, power, sensuality, purpose & magnetism. A woman in her flow knows what she wants, which direction to take, what her desires are and she allows herself to be in a state of creativity and sensuality.



Let's face it. When you thrive, your business and leadership thrives. When you are depleted so is your work. Work on how you can use the relationship between the mind, heart and body for some serious problem solving. Take your own wellbeing seriously – as you become better (and happier) as a human the same goes for your business and/or leadership.


Addiction is something I generally want to heal... However doTERRAS essential oils (the highest quality essential oils in the world!!) is one of the ingredients in my life that I don’t want to be without – and something that I use every day (Hence, addiction?). I’m excited to have the opportunity to spread this passion to YOU. Whether you’re are curious to know how I use these pure, potent and wild harvested gifts from mama earth, if you want to check out my amazing female embodiment kit or you are ready to shop I have the goodness for you. And if you’re passionate about building your own amazing business around Essential Oils, my tribe and I are here for you.

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Being an advocate for the power of sexual healing and a passionate Tantrika with the mission to awaken sensual, sexual and creative energy within women - it's impossible for me not to collaborate with Chakrubs. These precious crystals gives such an infinite amount of healing and sacred pleasure my body is vibrating just writing about it. If you are curious about the powers that lies within Yoni eggs and crystal dildos, I invite you to click the juicy link below. 


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Heja Livet Samarbete  

För er som följer samarbetet med Heja Livet, klicka in här för all info, inspiration och uppgifter.  



As a Coach & Female Embodiment Teacher it's my mission is to help you find your way back to life — the way it's supposed to be.

I’ve been at the lowest and darkest points of grief and created an efficient way up and out of pain and into a state of empowerment, high vibes, sensuality and happiness. I’ve put all my tools and love into my work and I’ve developed methods to guide you into a meaningful and connected life.  



In my journal I’m going to be sharing stuff that I somehow consider important to living an authentic life. I’ll be brutally honest and there will be no sugar coating or perfect surface.

I’ll touch on subjects ranging from deepest grief and trauma healing to sexual empowerment and higher consciousness. I’ll be talking about anything related to my biggest commitment in life – happiness, no matter what it takes.


I would love to hear from you