My journey towards becoming who i am today…

Started the day my mother died. An intense period of destruction of the life I knew up until that day started to have its ruthless way with me. Within less than two years I had lost both of my parents and my dog and I was a shatter of who I once was. My beautiful husband and I decided to reframe our relationship into one of family and friendship, but to allow for more love and passion into our lives than what we were able to give each other. An intense healing process had its way with me and I grew, transformed and reshaped my self in ways I would never thought possible. Today I’ve channeled my personal path back to a beautiful and vibrant life, my experience with trauma and grief, a tremendous sensual ( and sexual) awakening, my transformation into happiness and my various studies into a way of coaching designed to reveal your best self in your private as well as in your professional life. It's my mission to guide you into a life that feels aligned, alive and full of love. Returning home to yourself means welcoming the full spectrum of who you are and finding the tremendous power and wild woman that lives deep inside of all of us. It’s not always easy… but it’s ALWAYS worth it.

My own life and business experiences, as well as my studies, have led me to create different healing programs for people in search of connected and authentic life. Seeing clients unleash their inner spark really turns my life on. My curiosity for life and pleasure has led me on a path of Embodiment work, Tantrik arts, Shamanic healing and real deep and raw conversations.  

I'm a mama who has a challenge with conventional rules and standards. I don't believe there's a one-fit-all model to life and happiness. I'm all for bringing out the wild, real, loving and playful woman inside of me. And to simply let her enjoy life to its fullest.   

My work is a tribute to my mother, without her I could not possibly be doing what I’m doing today. Thank you mama for your love, inspiration, nurture and fire. For showing me how a woman of nature lives and breathes and for connecting me with the path I’m currently walking.

Heal. Play. Unleash. Love. Vibrate. Enjoy. Flow. Repeat.
— Hanne Lina