“A year ago I found myself overshadowed by anxiety, fear and anger. I knew that if I would die I would regret so much. I went to bed with that feeling, promising myself that tomorrow would be different. I saw my perfect life sweeping by with me not conscious of half of its content and even less of its joy. 

So my journey with the amazing Hanne Lina started. A journey where we peeled off layers and layers of my past to enlighten me of myself. It’s the toughest and most rewarding journey ever.  A year later I stand taller, not afraid of my emotions but aware of them. Lina has provided me keys to boxes I never knew my life had available for me. Now I know how to live and lead from a place of love rather that a place of fear.  I wish for everyone to experience that difference.

I am forever thankful to Hanne Lina and wish that everyone would be able and willing to invest in themselves in coaching like this.”