Do you feel like you have to be the good girl, the doer, the planner, the mother that takes care of it all…? Someone who always needs to be productive to feel good about herself? Are you maybe experiencing a little thing called emptiness, no matter how much you fill your calendar there’s still this feeling of ‘I think there’s more to experience‘? This weekend is about experiencing more aliveness, more depth, love, pleasure and wisdom. It’s a retreat to empower mothers, modern female leaders (weather you’re the leader of a business, a family or a community), emerging leaders and female-preneurs in your way of living in our busy world today. Our retreat will support you in finding your specific super powers, your sensuality, your own healing powers and creativity – everything available to you just by incarnating as a woman.

The purpose is to move into a more loving, conscious and joyful state of being. To love ourselves deeply is key for this transformation to happen. To understand who we are under all the masks of being a ‘good girl‘ who tailors her life to fit in to other peoples (a.k.a family and society) expectations is equally as important.

Come and join this retreats wearing comfy clothes, an open mind and lots of curiosity!

Some highlights that you can except from this weekend:

• Female Embodiment Teachings

• Female Embodiment Movements

• Deepen the feeling of what you really want and desire which allows for a clearer direction in life

• Self sourcing sexual and creative energy, useful in the bedroom as well as the boardroom

• Breathing tools and meditations

• Understanding around how to let go of what no longer serves you

• Dance (without expectations).

• Sacred Moon Cycles - how do we cultivate and honor our cyclic being. 

• Moving into pleasure and solidify your pleasure foundation.

• Conscious communication tools to crack open the heart and connect deeper with your partner, colleagues and community.

• Start to explore the dreams and ideas that you are carrying inside of you and get input on how you can take a next step towards realizing them.

• A very sacred space of being with women and likeminded sisters. This is truly priceless and creates relationships far beyond a weekend.

• For those of you interested in my favorite tools Yoni Eggs and Essential Oils send me an email prior to the weekend to order your egg or oil OR stay after we wrap the retreat to get a deeper understanding of these super tools.

This retreat will be held in Swedish or English depending on the language of the attendees. If you are Swedish and uncomfortable speaking english know that you can absolutely speak Swedish and it’s only the teachings that will be in english IF there are english attendees.


WHEN: May 10 - 12 2019

WHERE: The gorgeous Ananda Mandala in the middle of Sweden. Contact Anna below for more info on travel etc.

ENERGETIC INVESTMENT: EARLY BIRD 4,500SEK (maximum 10 early birds confirming before April 12). REGULAR PRICE 5,000SEK. Included are all workshops, accommodation, delicious vegetarian food all weekend, sacred gift and invaluable community.

Please send any questions about accommodation, planning, pricing etc to

Anna will be handling all the details around the retreat to make sure your experience will be as amazing and smooth as possible!

Please send any questions about the content of this weekend to

Confirm your EARLY BIRD SPOT by CLICKING HERE for a 50% deposit (the rest to be paid on May 3rd). There is a maximum of 20 spots available.  

I know the deep longing for female nourishment. The longing to hear and feel yourself. I weave together the worlds between spirit and grounded embodiment. Between the healthy masculine and DIVINE FEMININE. Between being and doing. Between deep and fast. Between sensuality and manifestation and action. It’s my belief that you can’t have one without the other and finding the right balance FEELS LIKE FINALLY COMING HOME.

Its my mission to open you up for re-wilding, joy and ecstasy and invite you to experience the full YOU. From here you will naturally live a LOVE FILLED, CREATIVE and EMPOWERED LIFE. 

You will walk way from this weekend with a harmonious smile on your face, a deeper understanding of your female powers and a mischievous twinkle in your eye. Just wanting more of that goodness and juiciness that lies within.

/ Hanne Lina



As an Intuitive Coach & Female Embodiment Teacher Hanne Lina has channeled her personal path back to a vibrant life, her experience with trauma, her transformation into happiness and various coaching studies into a unique and intuitive way of coaching clients to reveal their best self in their private as well as in their professional life. She is a source of love and true female embodiment, with the mission to spread the spark of the divine feminine in the world today.

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Anna is a driven and ambitious business woman who realized that she was not on the right spot in life and that her workplace made her sick. Therefore, instead of stress and negativity she choose to quit her job and to follow her dream by starting her own business.

Today she offer her service as a project manager, event coordinator and speaker where one subject is equality.

Anna is very passionate about supporting and encouraging women and has for example created a coworking office focusing on female entrepreneurs. Previously, Anna has worked as a coach for start-ups and entrepreneurs and has helped over a 100 people with their business ideas. On her spare time Anna is a dance instructor and loves to make others feel feminine, powerful and sensual. Oh, did we mention that she is a samba dancer who has danced in several carnevals with her glittering outfit and feathers in her hair!