Just the fact that you are still reading means you are ready to make a change. Ready to get your life back. My friend. I’ve been there and I’m not there anymore. Believe me when I say that you will see life in color again. It’s not going to remain a black and white movie. You will sparkle and you will feel joy.

Right now you are probably feeling some kind of pain. Or worse, you are numb. Maybe you are going through a grief period. You might be suffering from a feeling of emptiness, meaninglessness or completely lost belief in yourself.

It doesn’t really matter why you are in pain. You can numb your feelings with pills and alcohol. Bury yourself in work or escape in other people's problems. I know, because I've done it all. However, at the end of the day you will most likely crash in some way. Because when you numb your life from pain, you also completely numb it from the possibility of true happiness. I don’t believe in a quick fix, but I do know that there is something better than that. A long term solution to go from feeling pain to feeling fantastic. I’ve developed The Raindance program to help you move through and release the pain and build up a solid foundation of happiness. Of course, the program is tailored to fit YOU, but there’s an outline that has proven most effective.

I know what I’m talking about because I’ve been there. I lost my mother, father and my dog all in two years. I’ve been at the bottom of darkness, turned things around and moved out into the light again. It wasn’t easy, but it worked. I thought I only helped myself with all the writing, healing, screaming, studying. But when I came out on the other side of darkness, I realized that I learned how to help others move through pain and numbness and create happiness.

If you want to feel bubbles of joy in your belly, shivers of excitement, explosions of anger, and all the laughter, love, security, comfort and, eventually, a sense of calm in the world, then the Raindance program is for you. Impossible as it might seem now, your life can be better than you’ve ever known it. My mission is to help you create the life you want filled with happiness. 

The Raindance program is a healing process with spiritual influences where I have mixed Western science with Eastern traditions, with the core of the program being the conversation and connection between you and me.

All clients are unique and the work is tailored to fit your needs. But I have developed the following framework that I use as a base in this process: 

  • Identify current and past griefs, blocks and issues.

  • Allow to really feel into suppressed emotions around everything and anything that comes up in our work.

  • Thoroughly process the griefs you carry, the disappointments of life, negative belief systems.

  • Let go of the grip that your griefs have over you and your life.

  • Intuitive Healing work.

  • Reprogram your conscious and your subconsciousness to start the journey towards a brighter life.

  • Activate, make moves to take small steps towards conscious actions.

  • Receive and refill your 'empty' inner space in your body, soul and brain with love for yourself, for people around you and for life.


Ready to start making your life light again? You can work with me by booking single sessions or sign up for my four months program. I have yet not worked with anyone not feeling a lot lighter after the full treatment.

What clients say about my work:

Tack vare och tillsammans med Hanne Lina går jag genom sorgens alla nyanser och hon vägleder, håller, utmanar och inspirerar mig på min väg. Hon har stort hjärta, en sällsynt närvaro och energi, och en kraft att låta allas färger och känslor komma fram, även i digital form.

Jag tror ingen annan hade lyckats få mig att se, känna, förstå och läka (en pågående process självklart) så som hennes vägledning och insikt hjälper mig att göra. 

Med mycket kärlek och respekt, 

Emma ❤

After only few sessions I am feeling more aware of where the root of my behavior and challenges lies. Hanne Lina guides me to doors I have never known I had, to thoughts I never spelled out even to myself, to conclusions I’ve never been able to see before. It fills me with so much hope to speak to Hanne Lina. Hope that there is a positive path there somewhere that we are finding together. Thank you Hanne Lina for bringing that hope and love! 


”Ögonöppnare, sinnerligt och utmanande för både hjärta och hjärna. Konsten att lära sig andas igen och samtidigt vända sorg till framtidstro, tack Hanne-Lina.”

// Emely Crona Stenberg

Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain
— Unknown