No matter where you are my job is always to help you create a happier, jucier, and more powerful version of yourself.

In short my mission is to take you from a state of unfulfillness to a state of amazingness – no matter if your biggest challenge is in your private or professional life. To get there can sometimes be a bit challenging. It takes dedication, but I promise you that it will be so damn worth it.    

Every client is different, and my work is always tailored around what you need. You can work with me on a three sessions basis or sign up for full three or six months programs. Regardless of if you work with me for three sessions or if you do a full program I use the toolboxes I have developed for the different programs to target your entry point in our work and we tailor the work after that. The program descriptions are there to give you a taste of what kind of work I do.

My programs are designed like a ladder. From rock bottom to high vibing in sensual amazingness. I believe that I can help others where I've been myself and that's why my services are designed the way they are. I've experienced it all first hand and then added different kinds of studies on top to solidify my work.


I started this journey when I was in a pitch black hole of grief. Through learning and applying many different tools and active grief processing I put together the Raindance program. This is designed to help you go from total darkness back to a life filled with light. When you are in the middle of grief, or you have unprocessed grief behind you – the focus is to be able to function at all and not necessarily to experience the happiest version of yourself.  


The Life force program was born as I studied and applied different tools to my own life and started to fill it with happiness, determination, purpose and a balance between power & flow. It's designed to enable you to live a vivid life full of exploration, self love and decision making. A big transformation is awaiting you in this program.  


Moving on to Female Embodiment. This is the cherry on the top, the icing of the cake, the WAWAWOOOOM in your life. Once you've entered the flow and power of your divine femininity you never want to turn back.

This is for every woman ready to step into their real and authentic self. This is a program exploding with yumminess. It's about self love, success, creativity, mind blowing orgasms, milder PMS, getting a body that is vibrating with sensuality, life force and goodness.

This program is passion, dedication and the homework is real fun. When you're in your state of embodiment you are the absolutely best, most creative, happy, successful and loving version of yourself. You'll learn how to make decisions and live from the power of pleasure instead of the power of pressure which most women (and men) unfortunately live by today


My background in advertising and design combined with the learnings from my coaching studies has also resulted in a kick ass 'business program' that i call Get in the ring. This is for everyone that wants to take the next step with their business or in their leadership and that recognizes for that to happen... you need to start with yourself. We combine ways of working with business goals with work on you.  



Ready to create the best and happiest version of yourself?

Hanne Lina is one in a million. Her soothing nature and powerful ability to hold space immediately puts me at ease. I always feel safe to be real, raw and vulnerable in our time together. Since engaging in her embodiment coaching, I’ve experienced profound personal shifts in my relationship to my body and sensuality as a woman and mother of young children. Most of all, our work has helped me to identify and express my needs so much more powerfully in all aspects of my life. Thank you Hanne Lina, you are a gift!

— Kate Leiper / Psychotherapist & Women's Embodiment Coach