I am about to launch a three step series of group coaching with the mission to FLIP YOUR SWITCH and guide you into a living a more turned on life. 

Level 1: THE IGNITION - available for interest sign up

In this 12 week program any woman that is interested in starting the journey towards a turned on life is so welcome to join! We will learn how to connect, listen, heal and ignite our entire being. The work is based in our 4 bodies. The physical one, the emotional one, the mental one and the energetic one. We start the process in our physical body and that's also where we will wrap up and end the process after 12 weeks together. You will get invaluable tools for self development, healing and lighting your own inner fire. You will connect with likeminded sisters that will most probably become your new friends. My goal is for you to come out of these 12 weeks with a sense of peace and a mischievous smile on your face. Having met and invited your wild and wise woman within to come out and play. 


Program will launch late August. Please sign up for interest or questions below. 

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If you really want to change your life, start immediately.
— Osho