Do you desire to be a vibrating woman of worth, power, sensuality, purpose & magnetism? To come home to your feminine flow instead of being stuck in your head – thinking, planning and over-analyzing all the time? Do you have a feeling that there’s more to sensuality and sexuality than what you are currently experiencing? A woman in her flow knows what she wants, which direction to take, what her desires are and she allows herself to be in a state of creativity and sensuality.

Numbness is no way to live, yet it’s the norm for most women. I’ve totally been there. Acting and living only from my head and not at all from my body and emotions. Being excellent at planning, producing, work harder, harder, harder. Drink alcohol to have fun and to connect to friends and my loved ones. Red wine to wind down. Sleeping pills to sleep. Are you done with being a woman where your worth seems to lay in how hard you work, what you accomplish, how great mother, wife, friend you are? Maybe it's time to prioritize and experience yourself? How about experiencing being in your body, enjoying almost every minute of being alive? All women are born in their feminine and sensual flow. But in most cases culture, society, family, relationships, work etc trains us to get out of that flow and into being almost only in our heads. The good news is that this numbing process can be 'unlearned' if you have the desire to live in the natural state of high vibration that you were born embody. You can experience a life feeling free, empowered in your own skin and body, sensually awake, creative, vibrating and all over orgasmic. It’s actually possible to live in a state where you constantly feel the flow of energy in your body and where your skin and all your senses are sensitized and feels super yummie. 

The best news is is a state that you don’t need a lover to get to, you just need to get to know yourself in a totally new way. Then of course, bringing that new version of yourself into your sexlife, is something that everyone involved (and most of all you) will enjoy tremendously. 


Being an embodied woman takes dedication, but it’s really fun work. This program is for you if:

  • You’re curious to dive deeper into your sensuality and sexuality
  • You want to be a woman free to ride the full depths of your emotions
  • You want to be fully connected to your femininity
  • You want to melt away any insecurities and be your original/true self
  • You want to be fully accepted for all of who you are
  • You want to be a woman who knows the power of her pleasure
  • You want to be (much) more orgasmic
  • You want to be truly magnetic


Heal. Play. Unleash. Love. Vibrate. Enjoy. Flow. Repeat.