Touch and physical intimacy⁣ 

Physical intimacy is one of the most basic human needs. Lack of touch and physical intimacy can make us ill and depressed. I’m not talking about touch, hugs, sleeping next to someone etc.⁣

I’m not getting the amount of physical touch that my body is used to at the moment. When I’m not in a relationship I find it crucial to ‘hack’ the touch and intimacy game 🍒. The hacking is equally as impotent if you find ourselves (very common) in a relationship where you just don’t share so much physical intimacy anymore. Either way, it’s crucial to find ways to provide intimacy and touch to ourselves!⁣

Here are my top tips to those of you who are not getting the kind of touch and intimacy you are wired for to feel good at the moment:⁣

🍒 Find a friend that also likes physical touch. Same sex or opposite sex doesn’t matter. Take turns to spoon each other, massage each other, scratch each other’s back. Whatever you need to feel the oxytocin release in your body - ask for it and then give back. If you want this kind of support, join my FB community for women Aligned&Alive where sisterhood and supporting each other is our main value. ⁣

🍒 Treat yourself to massage. At the moment I’m personally treating myself to massage every week (at least) simply because I crave it to feel good and relaxed.⁣

🍒 Do your Yoni egg practice and start connecting your heart, mind, body and yoni to for a completely new level of pleasure. Link in bio to purchase yoni egg and activation session w me 🌸. You’ll get to know your goddess body in a completely new way and learn to read her longing. ⁣

❌ Pull this kind of intimacy from your child. A lot of parents (and I have certainly been one of them) tend to use their kids as emotional and physical support during difficult times. But there’s a huge difference between giving your child endless amount of love and intimacy and extracting that same thing from your child.

❌ Isolate yourself and go into victimization mode... take action to not feel the sensation of lack anywhere in your life. Intimacy included!

❌ F**k random people if what you crave isn’t really sex but rather intimacy - this will have the exact opposite effect on your basic need. It will most probably leave you pretty empty feeling. No judgement whatsoever if having lots of juicy s🌸x with lots of people is your thing - but don’t for a second think it will solve deep intimacy needs. However, it will satisfy your craving for adventure so go for it if you feel open, ready for interaction and sharing your pleasure! I would recommend connecting deeply to your own sexuality and sensuality Before exploring this route so you can get the most of your experiences and get to know your boundary system really well before diving in.💥

If you are interested in diving deeper and getting to know the connection between your SENSUALITY - CREATIVITY - GRIEF (yes we all carry it in different forms) - RELATIONSHIP TO MONEY - LEADERSHIP & RELATIONSHIPS (yes it’s all connected) don’t hesitate to reach out for private sessions 😘.