I love you. I Thank you. I set you free.

One of the most powerful sets of words I know. Unbelievably enough it’s a line I’ve said and been told twice the past weeks. In two of my most treasured and important relationships. The amount of pain associated with this week is tremendous. But the healing that is taking place and that I am taking myself through is even bigger. 

You know that it’s time to really listen to what your body is trying to say when you feel stuck in one way or another. Most people don’t want to face what the ‘stuckness’ in their life really means. But that’s no longer an option that is available for me, I need to deal with ‘stuckness’ as soon as it comes to my awareness. And sometimes it hurts. Sometimes it involves pain and a huge amount of vulnerability. It’s a difficult lesson to learn and an even more difficult thing to take action on when the ‘stuckness’ is showing up in your close relationships. And in my case, not just one – but two of my closest relationships have been suffering lately. As I’ve committed to always seeking flow in things I couldn’t keep gluing back the falling bricks – I had to let the entire wall fall and stand among all the broken pieces. Another way to look at it is to see life as a river in constant flow. Sometimes the river gets clogged and you need to break the clog to keep it flowing again. The breaking of the clog often consists of an intense pain, but it’s a pain that will pass and life will return to flow. Unlike what most people think – the REAL and LASTING pain comes from RESISTING the ‘stuckness’, it doesn’t REALLY come from BREAKING the dam. So as painful as it might seem at the moment, the beautiful thing is that it can only get better from here. More honest, more clear and more loving. Letting go of old ways of doing things and letting in new and better ways of existing together. 

I’ve come to know by now that emotional and mental pain doesn’t kill me. When I dare to recognize it, voice it, even write about it... it doesn’t own me. I own it. But what could actually kill is suffocating the pain. And even if it’s not a literal death (at least not most of the times) it’s a slow death for your spirit and your life force. Meaning it’s an energy drain that will leave you more and more depleted. More and more at war with your own life. Suffer in silence, put a lid on, save it for another time. That shit just doesn’t work if you want to feel truly ALIVE and at PEACE and not just living.

Yes It’s been a dark night of my soul. So dark I couldn’t post for anything for a while. It was time to withdraw and to heal. And thankfully I know that’s exactly what I’m doing to do yet one more time. Because it has become one of my master skills by now. And I know it’s one of the reasons why I’m here in this vulnerable state - to light up the way of healing (and pleasure) for others. I’m facing the truth eye to eye. Merging with what is. Allowing it to fully take over and ride the wave. I’m being very real and honest about it. And then my friend. I’m going to LIBERATE. JUST. LET. GO. 

I’m so curious about the chapter that awaits me now. I can welcome it from a clean slate and l can already feel how much MAGIC and LOVE there is in store for me. 

Thank you for reading. I hope my vulnerable sharings can help those of you who need courage to truly listen into yourself, your boundaries, your desires, your wants and your needs. Because when you give yourself that gift - you will unleash your true super powers. It’s just that simple. If you need guidance and are interested in my tools and processes for healing (and pleasure) - don’t hesitate to reach out. 

And for those of you ready to do the work yourself - use this line it often. It doesn’t need to be a dramatic ending of a relationship, just a clean way to say farewell to old ways of doing things.  I even encourage you to use it when you need to close old relationships to people that might not even be alive anymore. It truly does set you free. And more than that, it puts you in the highest vibration of them all, the one of GRATITUDE instead of RESENTMENT. LOVE instead of FEAR. 

It takes tremendous courage. It takes an embodied knowing of self worth and self love. But when you arrive on the other side - expect peace, love and miracles ✨.