Divine mother

Today I’m honoring you with one of your favorite flowers. Thank you for holding me. For loving me abundantly (but not unconditionally ;)). For teaching me to be a child of nature. For teaching me to be proud of who I am. To stand up for myself. To be in my power. Thank you for teaching me to love my body and to be proud of it. The way you carried and honored your beautiful one breast was such an inspiration. And your constant nakedness was the most natural thing in my world (and anyone else who stood you near).  🌺

As a mother I intend to pass on your teachings and then add some of my own 🌸. The understanding of how one (no matter gender) can honor the more feminine aspects life. How it’s possible to fully enjoy and take pleasure from life. To ride the wave of bliss and gratefulness. How to be in flow and creativity and inhale the juices of this life without guilt or shame. I want to teach how it’s okay to be sad and to be in pain and to stay in it. But even more than that I want to teach how it’s okay to let go of the pain. To blow it away with a kiss 😘 . It’s just a question of how worthy you think you are. If you can allow yourself to turn towards happiness and fully deserve it. 

It’s okay to let go of the idea of how motherhood should look like. It’s okay to let go of giving up yourself for your children. You will be of much better use to them when you can emit your full self than when you emit a sense of sacrifice. 

My mother taught me the gift of not allowing her whole self to be limited into one role. The Mother. She let that be one part of her life as a whole (and yes, the most important one). She let the full spectrum of who she were shine through her motherhood and her life. That made us closer than most mother and daughter relationships I’ve come in contact with. At least to me, that’s how we as women can become a true inspiration to our kids. Be all that you are beautiful woman and don’t hide any of the roles you like to play. Life becomes so much brighter when you allow yourself to add playfulness, pleasure and self love. And to me, that’s also the path to feeling true presence in my motherhood and in my life in general. 🌸💖🦄

And I want to send love and gratefulness to the women who play different kinds of mother roles in my life today. I love you to pieces Ulla, Marie, Elin och Sophie and to my teacher Patricia. And most of all I’m honoring myself a bit extra today for being Louie’s mother and for finally feeling ready to mother myself. 🙏🏻