Yes my beautiful wild woman (and man) – it’s true. Dive deep. Merge with your pain. Listen to your wise body and how it wants you to liberate. If you say you want a life of ecstasy and full body orgasm – this is the other side of the coin. The other place you need to allow yourself to go to. And guess what? It is SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL. It is SO DAMN LIBERATING. It’s in your full liberation (yours will look and sound different from mine of course) that you find total PEACE. Complete CLARITY. And in my case (which can also be your case, because we all have access to it) an ORGASMIC STATE OF BEING. 

After allowing my pain, grief, anger whatever it might be to fully take over my system and ride the wave all the way to the end – I liberate it. And it moves out. I’m light as a feather. Instead of pushing it down and pretending like it doesn’t exist I face it, I merge with it and I move it. What a SUPER POWER that is and I honor myself for it. 

I realize that this post will scare most of you, but to those of you it speaks to – we are the same. And if I can move through grief, trauma, anxiety so can you. Welcome to talk more! 

I wish you all love, bliss, wildness and ecstasy.