Mmm, what is the big sweet secret around attracting what you REALLY want? 

So many women I know and many of my clients are NOT COMPLETELY satisfied with where they are in life and they want to attract something better, newer, more joyful into their lives. They basically want to feel more happy. But they are actually not CLEAR on what it is they really want to attract. And clarity is key when it comes to attraction. In general men tend to be a bit better at clarity then women, and in some sense that makes them ‘better’ at attracting what they want. It does NOT make them better as human beings, just different. And that’s okay, we are different so I invite you to embrace that fact instead of fight it. Not better, different.   

One thing that makes us feel that our clarity is a bit clouded as women is our moon cycle. We want different things at different times of the month. But here’s the great news, it’s not really a cloud – it’s actually a feminine gift that keeps us constantly evolving. We are wired like this by nature if we just allow us to embrace it. See if you can look at yourself as constantly developing instead of being demanding and never satisfied (and to the men reading this, I invite you to view your partner in this light as well). Even those of us that are completely numb to our systems and bodies and choose not to listen in at all are in a constant feminine flow. It’s the nature of being a woman and having a moon cycle (period). Our cycle pushes us to constantly evolve, ebb and flow and when we work with it and with our selves we can really make magic happen and there’s really no limit to what we can attract into our lives. So have COMPASSION for yourself and embrace the never ending flow FIRST, and then decide when it’s time to set down the foot and draw in some DIRECTION and CLARITY. Hot tip is to journal and keep track of DESIRES, WANTS, BOUNDARIES and NEEDS for an entire cycle before you set out on your mission to ATTRACT.  

Once you’ve decided that the time is NOW to work on attracting what you want you really need to stop playing small. Women in particular tend to not allow ourselves to really articulate, voice, dream and feel BIG. We tend to stay at the level of what we think is available to us and therefore we end up pretty bad at attracting anything at all or we end up attracting things that turn out to not really be what we want. In a  nut shell (and I know we’re getting a bit abstract here) – Since the level we’re operating on and attracting from tend to stay at a level that isn’t really our TRUTH and GREATNESS we end up not really attracting anything, or attracting things/men/jobs/friends that are good but not AMAZING. 

Sooooo….  How do we do to attract AMAZING (be it an amazing man, job, raise, friend or whatever)? Here’s my recepie and I invite you to try it out and let me know what you think:  

  1. Empty yourself. Liberate the S*** in your system that keeps you unsure of what you want. I have news for you, you are not really unsure… You know exactly. You’re just not tuned in to HEAR yourself yet because of all the noice around you. This liberation requires a lot of work, it doesn’t happen over night. It’s somewhat painful but it’s HUGELY rewarding.    
  2. The ultimate goal of the liberation of S***  phase is of course SELF LOVE. Without you loving yourself…. Nothing HUGE really happens. You can go on and live a good and ok life, but you won’t reach a state of amazingness. So no shortcuts available unfortunately.   
  3. When you are somewhat a blank canvas you will have a sense of CLARITY and CRISP to your desires. Make a vision board or write down HOW you want to FEEL in different areas of your life.  
  4. Breath, move, sound like your vision. Embody it. Allow yourself to completely FILL UP your system with the thing you want to attract. 
  5. Invite the world see and feel this new vibration of you and see what happens :)  

There’s another huge benefit to this process. It will make you CLEAR on when you do NOT NEED to shred away everything you have to become happier. Because sometimes evolving as a woman (and person) does NOT mean YOU have to CHANGE, it simply means RELAX and LOVE THROUGH it. Learn to love yourself and THE WORLD around you will CHANGE to GOLD. 

Does all this sound interesting but difficult? Hit me up with an email and I’ll put on a free webinar on the subject for those of you interested OR set up a free intro session for private coaching. hello@hannelina.com