Let’s ENJOY and not endure 2018. Yes, make it really damn juicy.

I encourage you to make a fabulous commitment this year.  A commitment to follow what lights you up, to follow your heart, your power and your Yoni (pussy) this year. YEAH, let’s take a step into this juicy subject that really is my core passion and where I put a lot of focus within my work. Female embodiment and making women (and couples) feel super connected to themselves, their bodies, their minds, souls and sexuality. This is such a juicy and endless topic and it really goes perfectly hand in hand with working through grief and shadows and darkness. Because if you don’t work through your darkness, if you’re not willing to deeply heal and make friends with your shadows you won’t be able to experience the total bliss and high vibe state of living that is actually available to all of us. Being haunted by unprocessed guilt, pain, shame, grief is a totally numbing state that most people instinctively feel that they want to move out of, and some people actually take action on doing so. Yay to you! 

But I also want to touch on a touchy subject (because that’s what I do ;))… What can also be a numbing state is to be a mother. We can probably all agree on the fact that being a mom (or dad) is the outstanding biggest blessing and source of happiness in life. BUT, its also completely exhausting. And it’s ok to feel that it is. You don’t love your kids less for being tired and having the haunting feeling of needing alone time. Needing to own your own body, your own space. Because you actually really do. And you deserve to create this space for yourself. By giving it to yourself you will be a much better parent, partner and version of yourself. And I’m not talking about the ‘volunteering to go grocery shopping just to get some alone time’… I mean really taking alone time to dig into yourself, your body, spirit and your juicy sexuality (that’s maybe not so juicy at the moment). Its magnificent and its an endless source of not just pleasure but also creativity and energy that you can use in all areas of your life. 

My experience is that especially us women tend to almost completely forget about ourselves as we become mothers. We give it all to our kids. And to our jobs. And our friends. Families. And maybe to our beloved partners that are starving for love and attention just as much as we are. And then we end up empty. Our cup is empty but we keep pouring from it to give to others, to have time to accomplish everything, to be all the things that society wants you to be. 

You already feel what I’m about to say – this is not sustainable. You know you need to change the situation but you’re too tired and lacking energy to do so. I encourage you to wake the fuck up, your life is passing by and you want to enjoy it not endure it. Working with women’s (and couples) sexuality really lights me up. Because this brings a complete transformation to the entire life. And it’s actually not so difficult, you just need to understand the basics behind how your body is working and gather the knowledge on how to get juicy and vibrating (again). You were born with your shakti energy (= life force energy) flowing free in your body. As life goes by ‘things’ like parents, society, kids etc put blocks on that life force energy and eventually we tend to become restricted and almost numb. Like soldiers in our own bodies. Instead of feeling this amazing energy running from your yoni to your entire body you basically don’t feel anything at all. You just do. And work. And produce. A lot of times this unfortunately goes hand in hand with not feeling a lot during sex with our partners either. More about this in a later post. 

So why don’t you commit to making 2018 the year you come back to your body. The year you become the sexy and wild woman (or man) you were born to be. The year you become the version of yourself you really want to be. Where you make decisions from a point of crystal clear intuition and deep connection with yourself. 


To celebrate all this juiciness and to encourage you to take action I offer the first 5 women signing up for the female embodiment program in 2018 a 15% discount and a super sexy gift to go with the program. I invite you to dive into the high vibes and let me be your guide on your way to power, pleasure and creativity! 


I wish you so much juicy love this beautiful new year! 


(Photo unknown, if you know the artist please let me know)