This is me

So who am I to say I can help you find your way to happiness? And that you can actually be the one sitting in the driver's seat and create the life you want to experience. These are things that can be pretty damn difficult to absorb for someone who's going through a really dark and painful passage in their life. And if you are going through some kind heavy shit right now Im not even settling with that, I'm even saying congratulations. It's starting to get really provocative... Congrats to experiencing close ones dying, separation, friendships ending... 'yes that's right'. You are going through hell right now, but on the other side of darkness there really is light. On the other side of pain you are untouchable and empowered. And that is a pretty damn unbeatable feeling.  I would of course never say all of this if I had not been on the very bottom of darkness and turned up from there myself. And if I can make that turn, so can you.  

Today I'm a calm, happy, healthy and strong version of myself. And for the first time in my life I have all these emotions within myself without putting the control in someone else hands. And I'm free to be the person I want to be and need to be for myself and for those around me. I have a history of real traumas and no parents in life anymore. The fact that I have no parents in life is by far my biggest pain and grief. But that needed to be the story of my life to take me to where I am today and to be able to help others. I turned pain into something positive. I can now say that I KNOW that when one properly process grief and pain there is happiness on the other end of the spectrum.  Happiness and grief, love and pain, darkness and light are all just sides of the same coin. The trick is to allow all the sides to take up the space they need but then to learn how to take control of how to flip it to the bright side.