Yay. Nay. Super scary. Why do I feel the need to be vulnerable and why am I encouraging you to join the ride?  

Basically because it’s so liberating. And it’s actually fun. It’s empowering and far from comfortable – but it tastes like truth. And your truth has an outstanding taste. 

So I dare you to be a bit vulnerable to just see how it feels. It’s the hardest thing for a lot of people. It’s even something that is completely unimaginable for most. What would other people think, how would that make me look, to be human in public – what a taboo… But if you feel inspired to join me on my #feel2bhappy ride just post something, anything, that isn’t a shiny version of your reality. See how it makes you feel to open up just a little bit (or a lot) and let me know by tagging #feel2bhappy or @hellohannelina or just send me an email about an IRL situation where you’ve shown vulnerability and let me know how it made you feel. I promise you, vulnerability might suck for a moment – but it will feel really good afterwards. Kind of the opposite from a lot of other things in life in other words ;).