Honesty and openness

I’m making a promise to myself and to those of you who want to follow this journey about openness and honesty. Two little words that have an absolutely life changing effect on any given person. Very few people fully live by these words, but those who do are normally pretty satisfied with themselves and their reality. I know a handful people that really live by these words, and it’s with these people that the real meaningful conversations happen. I haven’t been able to make this commitment before because I haven’t been in a place where I was able to fully live by it. But now I am and I’m telling you - it’s mind-blowing. I'm not just talking about the big fat lies that many people live with, I'm also talking about the small white lies that we tend to tell several times every day. Just get rid of that shit too. 

Why do I believe this could be of interest to you? Because maybe you agree with me when I say that I think that honesty is something that is hugely missing around us. Wherever we look we see a filtered reality. And this reality actually makes us feel like shit. To scroll through instagram or FB and ONLY be met by laughing families, shiny homes, holiday pictures and parties often leads to a sense of living a lesser life. Or totally missing out on life. And honestly, you don’t need to be in a super dark place to feel like this. Most people are actually negatively effected going through this process a few times per day. So now I want to be very clear about what I’m trying to say. I think the ‘happy life posts’ are actually great and fun! BUT, I would love to see some more honesty and conversations about when life is not just a big sunshine. In real life and on social media. Because I think that sharing all aspects of life - including pain, vulnerability, fears, and tears - will lead to a bigger collective happiness. It will lead to us feeling less isolated and lonely in our feelings and therefore daring to open up more. And when a person opens up they tend to receive the love and support they need. Just one person to talk to is enough. And when a person starts to talk they just can’t help but starting to heal and to feel better. Maybe this sounds idealistic. But its the reality I choose to live in and I will do my best to lead by example. 

Parts of my work is built on a core belief of mine which is that a person needs to feel their way to happiness. Face, stay with and move through different kinds of emotions and learn how to express them. So Im going to journal about different emotions, and I'm asking you to join me if you are willing to open up a bit more to life. I will challenge myself and you and write about a broad spectrum of emotions. The challenge will be to allow, share and open up to different kinds of feelings. More about this tomorrow when we’re kicking off with something that is really close to my heart. Vulnerability. Because to me vulnerabilityis not only one of the most honest and empowered states a person can be in. It’s actually really fucking sexy too.